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Your Kingdom come

"Your Kingdom come"

These are the words of Jesus from Matthew 6:10 resp. Luke 11:2.
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"Your Kingdom come"

These are the words of Jesus from Matthew 6:10 resp. Luke 11:2.
This Kingdom has begun with Jesus.
Nevertheless, Jesus has encouraged us to pray with these words that His Kingdom here more and more manifests on earth. This means: a transfer, a transfer of the love, of grace, power and glory of God of the heaven on the earth.

The greek word ερχομαι [erchomai] for "come" means: Progress, movement, expansion – it is a process, a progressive and never stagnant power, a dynamism (greek: δυναμις [dynamis]), a pushing power, a driving force which His Kingdom brings forward, so that God's will and glory on this earth manifests itself.

This Kingdom exists
"not in words, but in strength"! (1 Corinthians 4:20) Yes, God's Kingdom expands itself constantly – it cannot be stopped!

This Kingdom – greek: βασιλεια [basileia] – meant not so much a geographic reign, but rather the active rule of a King, which manifests itself quite practically or affects. How?

Jesus said in Luke 17:21:
"Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there [is the Kingdom of God]! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you!" If you have received Jesus, the King, is the Kingdom within you! In you is the fullness of resources. And so we are all – the believers – bearer or ambassadors of God's Kingdom and thus key people for its spread. Each of us has got somewhat of God's rule in his life get put into it – talents, gifts, abilities –, what he can pass on to other people – we are so all in the various social areas of our environment active. Through us God wants His love, grace, power and glory revealed.
Want to let you use?
Finally and perfectly Jesus will establish His Kingdom on this earth when He comes again for the second time – His 1000-year Kingdom of peace. Then HE will reign with us, the believers, the church. Absolute peace and perfect love will reign!


Superabundant Grace

Superabundant Grace – JESUS alone!

God wants to glorify himself in the life of all believers.
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Superabundant Grace – JESUS alone!

God wants to glorify himself in the life of all believers, to give them and do them good.
He wants to do it alone by his Grace, which for all areas of our life available is! It doesn't happen by our actions!

David already profess:
"His grace endures for ever!" (1 Chronicles 16:34) The word which is used here for grace, is the hebrew word "hasad", in which God's grace, favor, love, his hearty compassion, his kindheartedness and goodness included are.

Unfortunately many people rely on their own efforts and merits and believe, that they could earn the grace resp. the favor of God in their life – and they hold so firmly on the system of the old testament, of the law. (cf. Galatians 5:4) But in reality they cut themselves thereby off from this undeserved grace resp. favor of God in their life, because the divine grace is absolutely independent of what we do or do not – Grace is a gift. A gift means: You cannot work for it, not acquire it or earn it.

Grace is not a theological concept or a religious idea, but the Gospel. Grace and truth reflected in the person of Jesus – Jesus is grace, Grace is Jesus! (cf. John 1:17)

"His grace endures for ever!" Set your focus solely on the grace, for his grace gives us the victory!


Grace proclaim

Grace proclaim – our mission

After many years in the ministry of various churches, God led us to a turning point.
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Grace proclaim – our mission

After many years in the ministry of various churches in traditional forms, God led us to a turning point. We had the big desire from more of Him and shouted out for his glory. During this time of the reorientation God showed us that only his grace can change everything. Thus it became clear to us that in our proclamation only the Grace of Jesus must stand in the center. In this time God has us with the Joseph Prince Ministries in Singapore brought together. Pastor Joseph Prince is one of the leading international voices which announce the Gospel of the grace.
We will experience the bigger glory of God and the more powerful work of the Holy Spirit only where the word of the pure and genuine grace is announced!

  • grew up in Germany
  • since 1983 married, one daughter
  • many years in the ministry as Pastor couple in several churches different denominations
  • afterwards sending out in the travel ministry with the order, to proclaim the grace of God, so that the grace revival resp. Grace revolution in God's Kingdom can expand more and more

Isaiah 61 / Luke 4

The LORD has anointed us to preach good news,
to heal the brokenhearted,
to free the captives,
to release the oppressed,
to restore the eyesight of the blind people,
to comfort all who mourn,
to give them the garment of praise
for the spirit of heaviness,
to give them oil of gladness
instead of mourning,
a crown of beauty
instead of ashes,
to proclaim the year of the LORD'S favor!



"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit",
says the LORD of hosts.
(Zechariah 4:6)







Teaching ministry in churches and groups
(conferences / seminars)

Church services

Blessings- and healing services



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The conference was characterized by the wonderful presence and freedom in the Holy Spirit. We experienced that the sky was open. Many angels were present. The whole room was filled with them. A sister saw these clearly.
It was a density, to feel the glorious presence of the Lord in this meeting.
We felt the urgent concern of the Lord for revival, that the Lord had in special way laid on Marina und Michael Meyer.
They distributed rich from what the Lord had given them and led us into the presence of God.
We were touched anew in the heart and received the joy of the Lord in our heart. Because the joy of the Lord is our strength.
We experienced strengthening, healings, revelations, consolation, encouragement and correction.
We have a wonderful God, who knows all our needs and whom we could meet during these days in miraculous manner. Praise and glory to Him. (M.A.)












Grace revolution

Word of the Lord to the coming Grace revolution!


God is about to pour out His Spirit on the thirsty land and to meet the hunger of the people.

God says:
  • I will, I will ... It no longer means: you must, you must ...
  • I will have mercy on you, says the Lord ...
  • I love you so much ...
  • I will supply all your need ... according to my riches ...
  • My glory will penetrate into all areas of your life ...
  • My spirit will cause changes, where you need it ...
  • I will restore you ...


The coming
Grace revolution


A prophetic word


The coming grace revival, grace revolution



  • I will heal your land ...
  • I will do supernatural signs and wonders in your midst ...
  • I will raise up my sons and daughters and use them in a mighty way ...
  • My grace is more than enough ... trust me!
  • People will be so overwhelmed by my love and grace, that they itself surrender to me ...

Now is the time – the time of refreshment – the time of the restoration – the time of revival – the time of salvation!

It will be a Grace revival, a Grace revolution!

(Michael & Marina Meyer, January 2013)








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